Putting Your Children’s Future In Jeopardy
by Tim Ellis | 14 Jan 2022

Putting Your Children’s Future In Jeopardy 

Since this week marks the date that Covid-19 jabs for 5-11 year old children started, it is timely to offer congratulations to the Australian Government. For scaring you into putting your children’s future in jeopardy.

The campaign they embarked upon in 2019 in conjunction with the respective State Governments and Health Departments, and run relentlessly with the enthusiastic support of the mainstream media, has been brilliantly successful in instilling fear into the public. So much so, that parents are lining up to inject their children at first opportunity.

The Risk Of The Vaccine Is Greater Than The Risk Of The Disease

Back in October, 2021, the FDA advisory committee met to endorse the use of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5 to 11. At that meeting, they heard evidence from Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and biologist, who reported tens of thousands of reports have been submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for children ages 0 to 18, and that 60 children have died.

Based on CDC data presented during the meeting, among children 5 to 11 years of age, there have been approximately 1.8 million confirmed and reported Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and only 143 COVID-related deaths in the U.S. through until 14th Oct.

This is a mortality rate of 0.0079%

Never mind that children are at an amazingly small risk of suffering serious illness from the disease.

And never mind that they will be at risk from severe adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Disregard that the risk of adverse reactions to the vaccine is greater than the risk of serious illness from the disease.

Just line them up and jab them. Parents are so misinformed that they don’t realise they are putting their children’s future in jeopardy.

This is the first pointer to giving approval to jab babies from birth


Recently, a 2 year old with Covid died. This is unquestionably a tragedy, and any parent could imagine the anguish and grief the parents of this child will be feeling. And most parents would be thankful it wasn’t their child.

At this stage, it is uncertain what caused the child’s death. What is certain is that the tragedy was played out in the mainstream media, with the inference that the cause of death was Covid. This is the first pointer to giving approval to jab babies from birth.

What Are The Risks For Children?

What are the risks for children from Covid vaccines? They include haemorraging, heart disease and fertility issues. They include myocarditis and pericarditis. And more.

Here is a snapshot from one week’s data from America’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) for 12-17 year olds:

  • A 17-year-old female had Covid in August and fully recovered. She had her second dose of Pfizer on 15th September. On 23rd October, she went to ER with chest pain. She had an abnormal ECG, abnormal EKG, an increasingly racing heart and elevated troponin. (Troponin is not normally found in the bloodstream. It is found in the heart and released to the bloodstream when the heart muscle is damaged) Eventually, she had a heart attack and died. Cause of death was acute myocarditis.
  • A 12 year old girl haemorraged 22 days after receiving her vaccination.
  • A 13 year old girl died from a heart condition 15 days after her first dose.
  • A 17 year old female experienced an acute hyperglycaemic crisis and died 33 days after being vaccinated.

In all four examples, Pfizer had been given.

Am I cherry-picking data to make a point? Yes, I am. These are only four cases from more than 22,700 reports in one week. 1,400 of those were rated serious. 29 of them were deaths. I chose those to highlight the risks.

  • There were 59 reports of anaphylaxis where the reaction required treatment, was life-threatening, or resulted in death. 96% of cases were attributed to Pfizer.
  • There were 552 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis. 98% of those were attributed to Pfizer.
  • There were 131 reports of blood clotting disorders. 100% of cases were attributed to Pfizer.

Which is the vaccine they recommend for boosters?

I reiterate: This was just one week’s data.

How Significant Are The Risks?

Considering the number of jabs that are given each week, you may not think these are large figures. However, a study into VAERS reporting found that only 1% of adverse events were reported. The FDA itself estimates that only from 1% to 10% of adverse events are reported (Ref 1)

To be conservative, then, multiply those figures by 10, put it into the context of the risk you are considering exposing your child to, and ask yourself again if you think the numbers are significant. Multiply the numbers by 100 and see if you come up with the same answer.

The number of adverse events rose steadily from the moment the vaccine rollout began

VAERS, CARM and DAEN – National Reporting Bodies

VAERS is the US reporting system for adverse vaccine events. The New Zealand equivalent is CARM. The Australian equivalent is DAEN.

CARM – The Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring

CARM release fortnightly safety reports on adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) with COVID-19 vaccines (Ref 2). You can see below the annual charts from 2010-2020 for all vaccines, where the average number of AEFI’s is 1400. Per year.


The number of adverse events rose steadily from the moment the vaccine rollout began in NZ, with the last 14 fortnightly report figures for Pfizer alone exceeding the annual total for all other vaccines for 10 out of the previous 11 years.

In the first year of use of Covid-19 vaccinations in NZ, there were 45,015 adverse events reported. This is 32 times the average for all other vaccines combined.

And, of course, as CARM is a voluntary system, we don’t know the level of under-reporting.

We Don’t Know The Level Of Under-Reporting In Australia, But It Is Clear It Exists.

DAEN – Database of Event Notifications

A search of the DAEN database (Ref 3) for the period 1st January to 29th December, 2021, reveals the following numbers for the three covid vaccines in use in Australia:

Total events – 98,050

No. of cases with a single medicine – 96,188

Deaths – 706

As another voluntary system, we don’t know the level of under-reporting in Australia, either, but it is clear it exists.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website, there is a reporting rate for adverse reactions for doses administered. As of 6th January, 2022, the rate stands at 2.3 reports/1000 doses. Just 0.23% (Ref 4)

This contrasts significantly with the figures on the AusVaxSafety website. AusVaxSafety collaborates with NCIRS – The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance. AusVaxSafety had completed almost 5 million safety surveys by 19th December, 2021. Not an insignificant figure. Of these surveys, 44% reported at least one adverse event. Yet only 1% reported visiting a GP or emergency department. (Ref 5)

It is important to look at those figures a little closer.


Massive Discrepancy In Reporting Adverse Events

Why is there such a massive discrepancy in reporting rate? There are two obvious reasons:

Firstly, the TGA quoted rate of 0.23% is based on a per dose figure.

Since there are two doses required to be classified as vaccinated, the number of people who have been dosed is probably around half the number of doses given. Bear in mind, some of the doses would be a third dose and some of the reports likely have been made following the first dose.

If you allow that those two factors cancel themselves out, that then means a reporting rate of approximately 0.46% for the number of people vaccinated.

Secondly, DAEN is passive.

It relies on people making the reports. It doesn’t go chasing them. A lot of doctors are busy and making reports is time consuming. Making a DAEN report is not the simplest of procedures, further discouraging them. Many people don’t realise they are able to submit their own reports. Those that do, come up against the procedure of doing so. The only personal contact I know who has had an adverse reaction tells me that no report has been filed, three months after the event. His reaction is ongoing. These factors mitigate against filing of reports.

A possible third reason is anecdotal. I have heard multiple instances certain hospitals actively discouraging staff from filing reports. Make of that what you will.

50% Will Die Within 5 Years

AusVaxSafety, on the other hand, proactively sends surveys out, simplifying the process of making a report.

The AusVaxSafety reporting rate is 44%. The DAEN reporting rate is nominally 0.46%. It wouldn’t have escaped your attention that the DAEN rate equates to roughly 1% of the AusVaxSafety rate. Which is the same degree of under-reporting as the VAERS study referred to earlier.

The Dangers of Myocarditis and Pericarditis

Myocarditis and Pericarditis affect both males and females up to ages of about 50 years. It is more prevalent in younger people, though, and affects males more than females. How dangerous are myocarditis and pericarditis?

Dr. Peter McCullough is a professor of medicine, epidemiologist, cardiologist, cardio-renal specialist and highly credentialled clinician. (Ref 6) He asserts that the mortality rate is 50%.

50% of people with the disease will die within 5 years.

about-professor-dr-peter-mccullough https://www.uscjournal.com/authors/peter-mccullough

This is at the lower end of the range put out by the Cincinatti Children’s Hospital, who give it as 50-70%. From their website:

“If untreated, only 10 percent to 20 percent will have recovery on their own, and 80 percent will develop chronic heart disease.”

If treated?

About two-thirds of the children, with the right medical management, will have a complete recovery. Of the remaining one-third who are treated, 10 percent to 20 percent will improve but have chronic residual heart problems.” (Ref 7)

These figures not only tell you how dangerous they are. They also tell you that myocarditis and pericarditis are long-term diseases. You don’t get over them like the common cold.


Dr. McCullough says, “If the children who have it exert themselves, exercise, participate in sports, they can precipitate sudden death.”

423 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 253 Dead After COVID shot

There have been numerous reports of this very thing happening during 2021: Spontaneous collapse and on-field death by young, fit, athletes, at a rate well above the background rate. Too many examples, many believe, to suggest it is a statistical anomaly. (chart source goodsciencing.com)

Covid Vaccines Linked To Increases in Myopericarditis

A study out of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Portland, Oregon, released on 21st December, 2021, reveals just how much of an increased risk of the disease the Covid vaccines pose. (Ref. 8)

The background rate of myopericarditis is 4 cases/million.

The study shows a post-vaccination incidence in male children aged 12-17 of 377 cases/million. (94 times increased rate)

In males aged 18-24, the rate is 537 cases/million. (134 times increased rate)

To put it another way, the chances of developing myopericarditis increases from 1 in 250,000  to  1 in 2,000 by getting jabbed.

Who Will Be The First Small Child To Die From The Vaccine?

Already, reports are surfacing on social media about two or three young children who have died from the vaccine. One of the first was reported to be Allison Coleman, 7 years old, from NSW. Supposedly vaccinated on the 11th and died the same day. I have been unable to verify any of the reports I’ve read and so will call them rumours at this stage. Due to lack of verification, I won’t be posting a photo of the pretty little girl who is supposed to be Allison Coleman.

Maybe Allison is real, maybe she’s not. Maybe she died from the vaccine, maybe she didn’t. One thing is almost certain: someone’s 5-11 year old child will be first.

Are The Dangers Of Vaccination Cumulative?

The vaccinations inject instructions for your body to create spike proteins to which your body then reacts and creates antibodies. These spike proteins don’t vanish in hours. They are created for days, weeks and have been detected throughout bodies months later. They hang around. The spike proteins are what damage the body. This is not in dispute.

Not only are you doing this twice for a “full vaccination,” you’re now looking at boosters. More of the same. Initially, there were no boosters. Then boosters were recommended after 6 months. Then 5 months. Then 4 months. Now 3 months. Are you getting the idea they really don’t know? Are you getting the idea the vaccines really don’t work? Decide for yourself.

Do you think that six (or 5, or 4, or 3) months after your child’s first booster, they will be recommending another booster? Do you think that the recommendation will change to a requirement to remain “fully vaccinated”? Do you think that they will keep recommending boosters on an ongoing basis? Decide for yourself.

And if you are injecting instructions to create spike proteins into your child multiple times, do you think the number of spike proteins – and the damage they do – might be increasing with each injection? Decide for yourself.


Are You Putting Your Children’s Future In Jeopardy?

And while you are deciding, remember that these are experimental drugs, using never-before-used technology, for which no clinical trials have been completed, for which long-term effects are completely unknown, for which serious short-term effects have been covered up, and which are not fully approved by the health authorities.

Are the dangers cumulative? Decide for yourself.

The Crazy Plan Is Not Working

No Informed Consent To Experimental Drugs

Parents are simply not being properly informed about the true risks in giving their children the Covid vaccines and parents are not giving informed consent. Certainly, in the pop-up jab clinics in South Australia – possibly the same in other states around the country – there is no information on serious adverse reactions given before being jabbed. None.

The Crazy Plan Is Not Working

Our health departments and our governments are actively downplaying the risks in order get everyone vaccinated. They are sticking to the same plan they have had since day one: get everyone vaccinated to get herd immunity.

It was never a good plan from the start. (How to handle a pandemic 101 says you don’t mass vaccinate) 12 months on, it is apparent that the plan is not working. We have a highly vaccinated population and record numbers of infections are being seen on almost a daily basis in many states. The vaccinations are not stopping the infections.


Adults being vaccinated didn’t stop the spread. 12-17 year olds being vaccinated didn’t stop the spread. Why should 5-11 year olds being vaccinated stop the spread? There is zero evidence to suggest it will.

But: Hey! It’s only your child’s future. Let’s give it a shot.

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