By Tim Ellis, 9th October, 2023

Episode 56

Vote YES To Racism At The Referendum

Indigenous Australians already have a voice. Many voices. Is anyone listening? What is really being asked for and why aren’t we being told before it’s time to vote?

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Recap & Takeaways

  • Uluru Statement From The Heart
  • First Nations People – What Is A Nation? And what’s with the plurals?
  • Sovereignty –Spiritual Or Authority?

  • Aboriginals – Custodians Or Owners?

  • The Indigenous Concept Of Ownership

  • Makarrata: A Treaty – What Does That Mean For Australia?

  • Specifically Who Qualifies As An Indigenous Australian?

  • Aboriginals Don’t Need Another Voice

  • How Many Aboriginals Support The Voice?

  • National Indigenous Australians Agency – What’s It For?

  • Do You Want Racism Built In To Our Constitution?

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