By Tim Ellis, 15th August, 2022

The National Covid-19 Clinical Evidence Task Force has an impressive name. But does it live up to its name?

Episode 40

National Covid-19 Clinical Evidence Task Force

It sounds very impressive. Initially, on the website, there is a section called, Living Guidelines, which it describes as “Evidence-based clinical COVID-19 guidelines updated with the latest research.”
There is little evidence provided, but lots of recommendations.

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Ref 1 – National Covid-19 Task Force –

Ref 2 – Covid-19 Treatment Studies –

Recap & Takeaways

Problems With The Official Response To Covid

Ivermectin And Hydroxychoroquine – Guidelines And Evidence

Hydroxychloroquine – Pre- and Post-Exposure

The Cochrane Institute Can’t Seem To Find HCQ Studies

180 Covid-19 Studies Per Day

Covid-19 Study Registry – All Noise, Little Substance


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