By Tim Ellis, 23rd April, 2022

Is your baby at risk from you having mRNA Covid shots? Pfizer’s not saying.
The insert of Pfizer’s mRNA Covid shots, in part, says the following:
“Available data on COMIRNATY are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.”

Episode 29

Pregnant Women's Babies Risk From mRNA Covid Shots

As of 1st April, 2022, VAERS has recorded more than 4,000 deaths of unborn children occurring shortly after their pregnant mothers received the COVID shot. Compared to the past 30 years of VAERS data regarding foetal deaths following maternal flu shots – 565 total reports – this is an estimated 16,633% higher rate.


PFIZER has a track record of falsifying data and has been fined more than any other pharmaceutical company in history for falsification and cover ups.

MODERNA had never brought any product to market in its existence until they received emergency use authorisation for their Covid shots.

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Recap & Takeaways

Public health organisations, such as hospitals and SA Health, continue to peddle Covid-related messages that were questionable from the start and now fly in the face of mounting evidence – including their own data.

Pfizer may not be saying, but UK’s MHRA are. Their advice: Pregnant and lactating women should not get vaccinated.

Don’t accept assurances and recommendations simply because they come from a government or a medical organisation. They’ve been wrong before. Do your own research. Ask questions.

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