It’s Time To Drain The Billabong
by Alex Antic | 3 Aug, 2022

Parliament House Is A Bubble 

Sitting days in Canberra are something to behold.

The theme for the day is set by an elitist press-gallery with their own woke agenda and filters down to government MPs who spend the next 10 hours trying to get a headline.

This process serves as nothing more than a distraction, a way to muddy the waters and divert from the real issues.

Australians are trying to figure out how they’ll afford petrol, how they’ll get new school shoes for the kids, or choosing between turning on the heating and eating.

Meanwhile sycophants in the government trip over themselves racing for a cushy headline about how virtuous they are.

Australians don’t care what other flags are on display in the Senate chamber.

They don’t want to hear about a ‘Voice to Parliament’ when their own voices are already ignored.

They don’t want a PM who promises a reduction in energy bills, then pursues a green dream at the expense of families.

Just over two months since Anthony Albanese took office and already this government is failing Australians.

Just like an out of touch parliament, a press gallery incapable of holding our leaders to account is just as bad.

When journos are more concerned with their own virtue signalling than accountability, our country is in trouble.

When they could be advocating for the real issues facing Aussie families, newspapers like the Adelaide Advertiser are more worried about the Alex Antic mask watch, mocking anyone who suggests anything other than buying Chinese made renewables and the important task of finding Adelaide’s best mullet.


It’s time to put an end to the ‘rule-by-desk’ of the unelected bureaucracy, an end to the press-directed agendas, and an end to sycophantic virtue-signalling and headline grabbing.

I spoke about the rise of the unelected bureaucrat in the Senate this week. You can watch it here:


It’s time to get to work trying to improve the lives of all Australians. It’s time to drain the billabong.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia

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