How Guest Posting Works on Hidden Truths

We are looking for high quality, highly informative, interesting and useful articles, which add value to both the website and the reader.

If you wish to provide a guest post for such an article on, it needs to meet the following criteria to be published:

  • It MUST be an ORIGINAL, UNIQUE article
  • Word count : 700 minimum
  • Keywords: Specify the keyword you are optimising for
  • Category: Specify which category your post fits (You can choose any of the categories listed below)
  • Headings/Sub-Headings: Include H1 and H2 sub-headings
  • Meta: Provide an H1 title and description
  • Images: Attach quality creative commons licence (or similar) images, or images for which you have copyright licence to use, with alt-text

Links to include in your article

  • Backlinks: If you have your own website, 1-2 external links to your website. Make sure they are on your keywords
  • Author Bio: Include an image. It can be a pseudonym. One external link back to your main site URL (if you have one)
  • Internal links: If there are other articles on this site which are relevant to your topic (i.e. useful for readers), provide 1-2 internal links to these
  • Useful reader links: If relevant, provide links to other useful external sites, research papers, studies, etc.


Try to place one of your links within the 1st or 2nd paragraph


Facts vs Opinions

By all means, state your opinions, but don’t present opinions as facts. Ensure that any “facts” you present are verifiable. (References, links)


The article MUST be relevant to one of the categories listed. It could be the best written article in the history of the world, but if it’s not relevant to one of the site categories, it won’t be posted. It should be written in such a way as to fit the theme of the website – Hidden Truths.

The tone of your article should reflect or question why it is a “hidden truth.” Some information is deliberately obscured. Other information is simply not generally known.

For example, in the category of “Health” you could write an article showing why apple seeds are good for you (if you have information that shows they are)


Please submit your article to

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Further Questions

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding guest posting (e.g. categories to cover, additional information, problems) please submit them here.

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