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Do You Trust Your Government?

Do You Trust Your Government?

Do You Trust Your Government? Should you trust your government? Would you trust a government that has hidden agendas that harms its citizens? It’s easy to point fingers at other governments. They’re the bad guys. But we’re the good guys, aren’t we? Our western democratic governments would never do anything to harm us.
At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. And it should be true. But it’s not.

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Do You Trust Your Government? – Part 2

Do You Trust Your Government? – Part 2

With the cold war between the US and the Soviets escalating, arms supplies and advisors poured in to North Vietnam from China and the Soviet Union, and to South Vietnam from the US. In effect, it was America against communism. Tensions escalated into what would become known in Vietnam as the American War, but many people still do not know what triggered full-scale conflict.

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Mainstream Media – Parroting The Government Line

Mainstream Media – Parroting The Government Line

The Guardian is part of the Guardian Media Group, which had just one shareholder: The Scott Trust. In 2008, the Scott Trust was wound up and replaced by Scott Trust Limited. A private company. The Guardian kept its reputation as an independent source of news, providing accurate reporting and high quality journalism. But it is no longer required to be any of that…

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