Government Misinformation On Covid-19 Deaths
by Tim Ellis | 21 Mar 2022

Don’t Read All About It! Stop! Use Reason. 

We, the public, have been subjected to a non-stop barrage of government misinformation since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. It is misinformation because the message from the government and health officials is not supported by the government’s own data.

UK Health Figures Are Misleading

In the United Kingdom, a total of 17,371 deaths between January 2020 and September 2021 had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death –significantly lower than the 137,137 “COVID deaths” originally reported during this same period. (Ref 1)

What could explain such a huge discrepancy?

UK Govt Covid Deaths

The UK government counts any death happening within 28 days of a positive COVID test as a COVID death, even if the person died of a completely unrelated condition. UK health secretary Sajid Javid admitted as much in a recent press conference, in which he acknowledged that “many” of the people included in a recent Covid deaths report “would not have necessarily died of Covid.”

By the way, of the 17,371 people who had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death, 13,597 were 65 years of age or older. Overall, the average age of people in the UK who died with COVID-19 listed as the cause of death was 82.5 years.

The expected life expectancy for men and women in the UK is 79 and just shy of 83, respectively.

Tested positive? Yep. Notch up another covid death.

South Australia’s Covid Figures Are Misrepresented

The bogus figures are still being reported in the same misleading way in South Australia. On the SA Health website, a daily summary of cases is presented. This includes new cases, active cases, hospitalisations and deaths.


Each day, deaths are reported as “Sadly, SA Health can confirm [whatever the cases are] who tested positive for COVID-19, have passed away.” And those positive cases add to the total Covid-19 deaths, regardless of causation. (Ref 2)

Tested positive? Yep. Notch up another covid death.

It is beyond the realms of probability that this is accurate.

The covid death total is reflected on the official figures on the Covid-19 SA website dashboard (Ref 3) and federal govt health website. (Ref 4)

Covid-19 SA dashboard
Aust Dept of Health cases and deaths

Beyond The Realms Of Probability Of Being Accurate

Why do I suggest it’s beyond the realms of probability?

I selected a week at random. In this case 06-12 March. (Ref 2) For that week, there were 34 deaths reported. Of those:

  • More than 88% were 70 or older
  • More than 70% were 80 or older
  • More than 34% were 90 or older

Is there no chance that those in their 80’s and 90’s (and in one case, 100’s) died of what the majority of old people die of?
Is there no chance that the PCR tests used to determine them as covid cases were false positives?
More than 90% of people who die with covid have an average of 4 co-morbidities. (The percentage and the average number of co-morbidities varies depending on the source of the information)
Is there no chance that even one of the 34 people who died that week had one or more co-morbidities that caused their death?

I would suggest there is a strong chance for each of those questions.

The daily update figures do not answer any of those questions. Neither do they indicate how many of those people had 2 or more jabs.

Why Does This Misinformation Continue?

Government reported Covid-19 numbers for positive cases, hospitalisations and deaths have been inflated from the beginning of the pandemic. The fact that this misinformation continues gives rise to an obvious question: Why? Why does the government have such confidence in these jabs?

These figures are used as the excuse for continuing mask mandates, social distancing, vaccine passports, economic and social disruption and more jabs. Again, why would our government want this?

Government Measures To Stop Covid-19 Don’t Work

The data illustrates that masks, social distancing and vaccine passports do not stop the spread of the disease. It also illustrates that the disease is far less virulent than we were originally told.

Yet still people continue to willingly submit themselves to experimental drugs, about which long-term effects are unknown, which are still not fully approved by our regulatory authority, and for which no liability will be assumed by our government. And for which our government has indemnified the manufacturers against liability.

Government Misinformation About Deaths

Predominantly, we do this because we are told it will reduce the chance of hospitalisation and death. It doesn’t. The number of deaths attributed to Covid are inflated. The data shows this. The government and the health department knows this. Because they know this, this means what we are told is not simply misinformation; it is a lie.


We Have The Ability To Think

It’s time we stopped accepting the information we are being spoon-fed by the government without question. We have critical faculties. We should be using them.

When will the public wake up?

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