Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked
by Tim Ellis | 13th November, 2022
dr aseem malhotra

Randomised Controlled Trials are supposed to underpin evidence-based medicine. A system of peer-reviewing is supposed to examine and corroborate the veracity of the evidence. Medical Journals are supposed to reliably disseminate this information to the medical fraternity, who have little time to pore through reams and reams of studies, nor to analyse and interpret them in order to inform themselves and their patients.

In Science Under Duress, and other articles on this website, these suppositions are questioned. In this video, courtesy of patreon.com/lowcarbdownunder, esteemed cardiologist and Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, Dr Aseem Malhotra, exposes these suppositions from a medical professional viewpoint.

With impeccable credentials and a medical insider’s perspective, he exposes how evidence-based medicine has been hijacked. Although presenting his experience in just one field of medicine, it is obvious that that same happens in all fields.

It is a damning indictment on the state of medicine, calling into question the ethics of researchers, research institutes, government and industry regulators and medical practitioners.

The present is terrible. The future is not set.

Dr Aseem’s video is some of the sunshine to which he refers within.

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