About the Hidden Truths website

Despite the extension .org, Hidden Truths is not an organization at launch date, December, 2021

At this stage, Hidden Truths is just one person, generally unhappy about the state of play, expressing himself.

It’s just baby steps. None of us know where these baby steps will lead.


We Welcome Your Comments

Your feedback on the website in general is welcomed. Comments on the articles are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

If you disagree with an article, please feel free to express your disagreement. There are guidelines that apply to comments on articles.


This site started as a way to call out what I saw as glaringly obvious bad calls; to “get things off my chest.” It presents views from one perspective. It is a perspective different to the one that is popularly presented in the media. The “popular” view is directed, concerted and insistent. Efforts are made to ensure that this is the view that everyone sees. Other views are not welcome, often hidden and – increasingly – not tolerated. (As Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau publicly stated during the Trucker’s protest, they are “unacceptable views.”)



The way we see things depends upon our perspective. If someone views things from a perspective different to our own, they will likely see things differently.

We may be settled in our views, but can we be sure that our views enable us to see things how they really are?

Much is hidden, and vested interests go to extraordinary lengths to ensure they remain hidden.


Piecing Together The Full Picture

I have been piecing together pieces of the puzzle that make up the full picture of Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Ag, Big Food, Big Business and, yes, Big Brother. I have come to realise they all seem to interconnect.

I recognize I’m attacking an elephant with a peashooter. Remember, though, that a colony of army ants can strip flesh down to the bone pretty quickly. Remember, also, that the Lilliputians were only able to capture Gulliver because he was asleep.


What I hope is for everyone to exercise their critical faculties. For everyone to question what they read, hear and see. Including what you read, hear and see on this site. Anything that is valid can stand up to criticism and analysis.

On this site, sometimes you will read details; minutiae. Sometimes an overview; bigger picture. I hope everyone will be able to find something interesting. With luck, you may even find something enlightening.