by Tim Ellis | 12 Dec 2021


The White Australia Policy, with the legislative backing of the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 – was designed to keep out “undesireable” non-white immigration to Australia, particularly Asians.

To facilitate this, migrants who entered the country from 1901 to 1958 could be asked to pass a dictation test. To pass the test, they had to write 50 words in any European language, dictated by an immigration official. From 1905, any language at all could be used, making it easy for officials to keep out anyone they wanted to.

Although the Act was repealed in 1958, both major political parties still ran the White Australia Policy as part of their platform until about 1965. Even then, non-British migrants were registered as “Aliens” until the 1970’s.

It wasn’t until 1975 that the Racial Discrimination Act made it illegal to discriminate against migrants based on their race.

It is neither legal nor socially acceptable to discriminate against people based on their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, but it is now shamefully acceptable for the government and a growing number of businesses to discriminate against people based on their vaccination status.

Covid-19 Vaccination is the new White Australia Policy

Restrictions are currently imposed by all States in a highly fluid, inconsistent melange of rules and regulations. Trying to decipher them is an exercise in patience and diligent link-clicking. Take travel, for example. As at 23rd November:

Travelling Around Australia

NSW For non NSW residents planning to enter NSW, if you have not been to an affected area, an area of concern, or a place of high concern in the last 14 days, you may enter NSW, you do not need to complete a traveller declaration form, and you do not need to self-isolate. (Ref 1)

But the devil is in the details. There are “no longer any restrictions for travel within NSW”. However, if you are not fully vaccinated, you cannot take a holiday or undertake recreation outside of the local government area you live in.

Since, by definition, any visitor to NSW would be outside of the local government area they live in, you can’t holiday or have recreation. Sounds like a fun trip. I’m not kidding. It’s really on their website. (Ref 2)

Bottom line: Unvaccinated – persona non grata.

VIC Trying to navigate through the Victorian information is a nightmare. You have to apply for a permit to enter Victoria, but good luck trying to find out what the requirements are before you actually start the application process.

If eligible, you can apply for a permit, but their website doesn’t tell you the eligibility criteria. If you’ve only been in a green zone, you can obtain a permit. All local government areas in all States and Territories are currently green zones. (Ref 3)

Okay, let’s say you’re eligible and you get a permit. Great. You’re in. Many venues can only open if the venue is checking that everyone attended is fully vaccinated. If you can’t show evidence of being fully vaccinated, many venues will not be permitted to allow you entry. (Ref 4) https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/how-we-live-vaccination-status

Note the wording: It’s not “they will not permit you entry.” It’s “they will not be permitted to allow you entry.”

Bottom line: Vaccinations – mandated.


QLD – This information was much more easily found.

There is a big headline: “Entering Queensland from a green zone (no restrictions)” Under that are the “Requirements for entry from the green zone (without restrictions)” (Ref 5)

Requirement No.2 – Vaccination: Yes (2+ doses)

I didn’t bother to look at zones that have restrictions.

Bottom line: Vaccinations – mandated.

TAS – They’re being a bit coy.

“Unvaccinated travellers aged 5 years and older, will be required to apply to enter Tasmania. If approved, quarantine and other conditions may apply.” (Ref 6)

Bottom line: prepare for a 50 word dictation test in Palawa Kani.

ACT – If you are an unvaccinated non-resident and you have not been to a high-risk geographical area in the last 14 days, you can enter the ACT for any reason, you do not need to complete an exemption application and you do not need to undertake any quarantine or stay at home requirements. (Ref 7)

Bottom line: Restrictions relate to wearing masks, plus density and gathering limits

NT – Very clear and concise. “Only COVID-19 fully vaccinated people and people unable to be vaccinated (such as children under 12 years) are able to enter the Northern Territory.” (Ref 8)

Bottom line: Vaccinations – mandated.


WA – Depends where you’re coming from. The least restrictive requirements apply to those from “very low risk jurisdictions”. Currently, that’s SA, Tas and Qld. In these cases, you need a G2G pass (apply before you can find out what’s involved in this) and have a health screening on arrival, but no quarantine. Health screening is quite innocuous if you don’t mind your temperature being taken. Of course, if your temperature is too high, things get interesting. (Ref 9)

As with NSW, though, the devil is in the details. WA has a Safe Transition Plan, which comes into effect when a 90% double dose vaccination rate is achieved. This is expected to be around late-January to early February 2022. Then look what happens:

Unvaccinated travellers will be not permitted to enter, unless they provide proof they are exempt for medical reasons. (Ref 10)

Bottom line: Vaccinations – soon to be mandated

SA – “If you are an unvaccinated traveller and do not have an approved medical exemption, you are not permitted to travel to South Australia. This includes returning South Australia residents.” (Ref 11)

Monty Python Would Have Been Proud.

So if you are a resident of SA and you leave SA for any reason, you can’t get back in unless you’re vaccinated.

If you’re a grey nomad and have been on the road for a couple of months and want to return home to SA, if you’re vaccine-free, bad luck you.

Exemptions will be considered for select reasons (i.e. funerals, end-of-life visits).

Did Monty Python Do A Sketch About This?

At 90% vaccination rate, high risk activities will only be available to fully vaccinated people. What is a high risk activity? Standing alcohol consumption. Apparently, drinking alcohol while sitting is not high risk. It only becomes high risk when you stand up.

Hopefully, the current restrictions on dancing and singing will be eased at 90% vaccination, unless they decide dancing and singing are also high risk activities.

Monty Python Would Have Been Proud.

Apart from government mandates that apply to health care facilities and the like, a number of venues have imposed their own mandates. These include Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Zoo, Monarto Safari Park, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide Convention Centre and WOMADelaide.

Bottom line: Vaccinations – mandated

“I’m Vaxxed, But I Support My Mates”

A number of States, then, will impose greater restrictions on vaccine-free individuals as the vaccination rate increases.

And why not? It’s only right considering “the danger that the unvaccinated pose to the vaccinated.” – Nicola Spurrier, SA Chief Public Health Officer

Freedom Rallies Are Being Held Australia-wide

Despite this consensus from State governments, there are an awful lot of unhappy people around the nation – including vaccinated people – with protests and rallies in many States. WA premier, Mark McGowan, was forced to close his office after threats to staff. A man was charged over threats in Victoria, where a faux gallows and effigy of premier Dan Andrews were in evidence at a protest.

At the Adelaide rally on 20th November, a man wore a T-shirt proudly declaring his vaccinated status. It read, “I’m vaxxed, but I support my mates.”

And this is the thing. The protests aren’t just about the vaccine-free wanting to remain vaccine-free. They are called Freedom Rallies. They are about people – ordinary Australians from every walk of life – wanting choice, and wanting their freedoms back.

The Federal And The States Are Bickering

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has distanced himself from the States. More than just distancing himself, he is arguing against their positions.

“Now it’s time for governments to step back and for Australians to take their lives back and move forward with the freedoms that should be theirs.”

The prime minister indicated the only mandatory vaccines he supported were for healthcare workers.

“As we get above 80 per cent in particular, when the scientific advice shows us and the research shows us, that means Australians can have their lives back,” he said. (Ignore his bad grammar)

“We’re not in favour of mandatory vaccines imposed by the government. Businesses can make their own choices under the law,” he said.


“There has been a need for that as we’ve gone through the pandemic, but the time is now to start rolling all of that back,” Morrison added.

“Now it’s time for governments to step back and for Australians to take their lives back and move forward with the freedoms that should be theirs.”

The States clearly disagree.

Speaking after National Cabinet, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the federal government would not be introducing new orders.

The decision effectively leaves individual employers to navigate the complex legalities surrounding the issue on their own.

Currently, the Fair Work Ombudsman says most employers should assume they cannot force their employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Mr Morrison said any workplace decisions about vaccines would need to be lawful and reasonable.

Expect Fair Work Australia and a whole bunch of lawyers to be getting pretty busy soon, as lawsuits start to ramp up around the country.

There Are So Many Iniquities

It’s not just one issue that is contentious. There is a raft of them:

  • Only new technology, unproven vaccines are accepted for proof of vaccination
  • These vaccines are experimental
  • Proper trials have not been completed on any of them
  • No-one, including the vaccine manufacturers themselves, have any idea about possible long-term effects or late-onset effects
  • None of them are approved; they only have provisional approval
  • Roadblocks have been put up by the TGA against an Australian-based, proven technology, “traditional” vaccine (i.e. Protein based)
  • The TGA has acted to ensure that treatment against covid-19 infections is not available until after hospitalisation
  • Serious adverse events from the vaccines are being downplayed by authorities
  • Many serious adverse events from the vaccines are not being reported as required
  • Debate about the issues is being stymied and opposing views censored
  • Personal medical history is being forced publicGovernments have deliberately created a divide within society
  • Government has consistently insisted and maintains that the vaccines are safe and effective, even though there was no evidence to support this in the beginning and there is emerging and growing evidence that the statement is false
  • The strategy to combat covid-19 was flawed and counter-productive
  • Naturally acquired immunity is not considered in the discussion around vaccine “passports”

And possibly worst of all

  • They want children as young as 5 years of age to be vaccinated

Covid-19 Vaccines Are “Leaky”

It has been widely admitted by health authorities that the vaccines neither prevent infection by, nor transmission of, covid-19.

Why, then, should vaccinated people have freedoms that the vaccination-free do not?

Those who are complicit in this campaign of generating unjustified fear need to be held accountable.


If the vaccines are effective, as the government continues to insist, why should a small percentage of vaccine-free people pose a risk to vaccinated individuals?

Covid-19 Spikes Are Happening Around The World

If this is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” then why is it that Gibraltar – which has 100% of its residents double-vaccinated and many of them having had boosters, plus all cross-border workers vaccinated – is having a spike in covid-19 infections?

SARS CoV-2 is virulent and for those who are vulnerable to it, it can be deadly. But it’s well past time that people realise the fear deliberately generated by a concerted campaign that has lasted 20 months – and counting – is the real pandemic.

Those who are complicit in this campaign of generating unjustified fear need to be held accountable.

This Is A National Disgrace

Think about this for a moment. The government is providing you with only unproven, experimental vaccines, then mandating that you have them. So are private businesses.

You can debate the semantics. Mandating. Coercion. Call it what you want. The fact is that if you don’t have them, you can participate less and less in society. In many cases, you cannot even continue to work and provide for your family.

This is tearing apart societies, communities and families. It is a national disgrace. And the Australian public are allowing this to happen.


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